what we do

we future proof your programme with ongoing recommendations and solutions

specialists for over 30 years in the business travel, extended stay and global mobility industries, the CAP leadership team provides ongoing recommendations to future proof your programmes

we create, build, develop, deliver and manage extended stay programmes for corporates, RMC’s and TMC’s, meeting and exceeding exacting KPI’s and SLA’s

the CAP leadership team

provides recommendations during the exploration phase, including identifying potential saving strategies, in-depth market reviews, overall programme goal recognition and the completion of Requests for Information (RFI) or Requests for Pricing/Proposal (RFP)

we work closely

with group, project, intern and graduate programmes that require specialist knowledge and best in class pricing. The CAP team completes full product, service and location tenders, specific for the needs of each individual group

the CAP teams are highly trained and experienced in handling group bookings, projects, interns and VIP’s

during implementation, CAP works to integrate your current preferred suppliers, providers, brands or operators into your CAP programme, ensuring continued development of local relationships, no loss of corporate clarity of end user or recognition and continued added value services

CAP concentrates on creating a positive engagement between local offices and local providers, to continue to develop beneficial local corporate relationships. We believe that using an agent should not negatively impact on valuable and supportive local brand engagement

CAP provides

consumed, current and future estimated savings to corporates. Realtime data reviews create ongoing recommendations for programme updates and enhancements. CAP analyses data to provide actionable insights to ensure that your programme continuously evolves

CAP programme management features

  • initial consultation and exploration with all stakeholders
  • fact-finding, identifying roadblocks and key milestones
  • future recommendations identified to measure success of programme
  • RFP, RFI & professional tender management
  • specialist group handling desk for interns, graduates and projects
  • development of personalised secure technology

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