consulting and technology

CAP consults with you to create a personalised service for your travellers that is unique and second to none – all supported by our CAP digital eco-system

our teams, clients and brand partners work wholly within the CAP digital eco-system - CAPTURE

everything is captured and is reportable. CAPTURE is a collaborative environment that is fully scalable. An eco-system, not just a platform. CAPTURE future-proofs your programme

  • CAPTURE provides API connections to your TMC or Traveller Tracking tool
  • Corporate travellers connect with the dedicated CAPcare24 team through unified messaging options including SMS, whatsapp, live chat, voice and email to enhance the traveller user experience
  • our team consults with you and your key stakeholders to provide customised programmes with products that meet your business goals and objectives
  • we create, manage and deliver request for pricing and/or information and professional tenders to build a defined supply chain for local, regional or global programmes
  • our technology teams create personalised secure microsites with simple booking functionality, accessing your preferred supply chain through your personalised CAPstore
  • we measure the success of your programme against pre-determined key performance indicators and metrics
  • provide intelligent data through personalised dashboards and transparent management reporting