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the CAP Partner Portal is available to all our brand partners and enables authorised users to view, manage, and edit their inventory, quickly and easily load new properties and update key contacts and information about their organisation through a secure log-in. To request access to the Partner Portal, please contact our brand partners team at

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our CAP digital eco-system ‘CAPTURE’ provides a collaborative environment, and the CAP Partner Portal enables existing brand partners to manage their inventory securely, quickly and easily, with a real-time personalised dashboard providing management information and performance data

working collaboratively

a message from our global director of brand partnerships:

“at CAP, we want to ensure that all providers, no matter their size, their ethnicity or the gender of their ownership have the opportunity to work with us. Once at the CAP table, all partners will be taken through an initial assessment (if they are not already accredited officially), on their product and company’s ‘safe, secure, COVID 19 clean and legal’ status.

It remains important to remember, whether the provider has one unit in a tertiary location, or 90,000 units across the globe, all providers are expected to provide the best, safest and highest level of service and product in their respective market”

Clare Ace, Global Director of Brand Partnerships

to log-in to the Partner Portal, please click on the link below:

our goal is to ensure we provide our clients and their travellers with a consistent safe and secure, clean and legal extended-stay experience wherever in the world they are staying, and this is only possible by developing a strong and diverse global partner network with professional providers of all sizes

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