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06 March 2024

In 2024, CAP Worldwide Serviced Apartments celebrates its fifth anniversary, and in a candid interview with Bev Fearis of The Business Travel Magazine, CEO Jo Layton talks about the inception of CAP with co-founder Andrew Hopgood, the CAP culture and the exciting next evolution of the business with the development of CAP 3.0.

“CAP was born out of adversity,” Layton says. “I certainly never dreamt of running my own company. I very much enjoyed the security of being employed. But after my rather unceremonious departure from a job I loved, I was ready to try. What I did know was that I wanted to create an inclusive business to be proud of, with a positive culture that would attract a diverse, cosmopolitan and driven workforce.”

While many competitors and start-ups in the sector rely on outside investment, CAP was – and still is – completely self-funded.

“CAP 3.0 is enhancing our vision even further, but it is an evolution, not a revolution. We won’t be changing our shape. We want to remain relevant,” explains Layton.

“We’ll be refreshing our look and feel but we will retain our authenticity and will be firmly holding on to our culture and original vision. Our goal remains the same – to create the most successful extended stay accommodation programmes in the market.

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