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Together, we’ve got this

08 March 2023

There are incredible opportunities to help and support our world and its inhabitants to help make our planet a better place for us all.

As we navigate our way through 2023, let’s keep being kind to ourselves and each-other – and create a world where the global values of courage, strength and kindness remain our priorities as we enjoy this sustainable journey together.

This photo embodies a global team of female leaders driving sustainability across the corporate housing and extended-stay space at the recent CHPA conference in New Orleans. CAP Worldwide CEO Jo Layton is a co-chair of the CHPA sustainability committee and was one of the facilitators of the “Environmental Sustainability Made Easy” workshop held during the conference helping to make the goal of sustainability accessible for all.

Thank you to the CHPA, The BTA, EuRA and the GBTA for giving CAP a voice and a space at your table, and for driving the importance of accessibility, diversity and sustainability across our industry and ensuring opportunities for all members, no matter the size, ownership or background.

Today we celebrate and thank you all.

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