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People, Planet, (and Profit). We Are In.

14 February 2022

People, Planet, (and Profit). We Are In.

Recognised Industry leaders Jo Layton, CEO of CAP Worldwide, Debbie Woodley, CCHP, of Dwellworks Living, Heather James, of Nomad Temporary Housing, Michelle White, CCHP, of Today Living Group, Andrew Hopgood of CAP Worldwide and Lorna Champagnie - pledged to help bring the global industry together through Mary Ann Passi, CAE and Daniel Gorman, GMS, CCHP and Ryn Jarrett, CCHP at CHPA, with James Foice of ASAP - The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers and René Stegmann from My Residence Africa.

We, as a global community, can only protect our planet by encouraging and engaging our teams - who would normally compete - to collaborate.

This first Global Sustainability Session in 2022 - held at the CHPA conference - brought together key committed players across the industry to pledge their support to drive this critical agenda in every area of their business. They made a pledge, and they took to the stage to show their commitment. In the next year, the group 'CHPA34' will be in the thousands - this is a global stage.

For sustainability to become part of what we do everyday, profit has to take a step back while we create the right environment for the passionate people of our industry to work together to create systems, processes and change in our sector.

Huge investment will be needed to ensure that we all 'do the right thing'.

#WeAreIn - and if you want to be 'in' too, whether you are a member of an association, or, like René Stegmann - are driving the sustainability collaboratively across our industry in your own way - this effort has no boundaries - please do connect with CHPA, ASAP or any of the team above, and we will ensure you remain at the Sustainability Table - where EVERYONE is welcome.

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