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Congratulations to our certified Relocation Team

04 March 2021

Congratulations to Timea Gerencser, Craig Hopkins and Sabrina Carparelli of our specialist relocation team for achieving great success in the completion of the Managing International Mobility Study programme (MIM) provided by our friends at EuRA - European Relocation Association- Well done team!

Thank you Timea, Craig and Sabrina for your commitment, and to recognise the time, energy and effort you dedicated into this achievement.

Not only have you invested in your own personal development and understanding of a sector, but you have also ensured that our company has the ability and knowledge to support the relocation journey of EVERY assignee that we work with in supplying great extended stay accommodation through our celebrated brand partners.

Here is to our shared and continuing drive to service, service, service our valued clients in 2021!

Thank you again for your commitment to everyone in CAP Team Relo! We are very proud of you all.

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