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Engage Webinar - The Long Road Back

17 February 2021

CAP Worldwide Director Jo Layton joins the panel for the next Engage Webinar, hosted by Mark Harris, to discuss and debate the long road back for corporate business travel post-COVID-19, on Thursday 25th February at 12.00 GMT.

Mark and a panel of industry leaders will be discussing how quickly corporate travel will bounce back from the consequences of COVID, including whether predictions for an early recovery for domestic travel are realistic, and the prospects for international business travel.

Join Jo Layton, Mark Harris, Clive Wratten, Ana Gibson and Lee Whiteing to debate:

  • Which markets will recover first - domestic vs. international?
  • What corporate governance is required to enable this recovery?
  • What will drive recovery, and what will stop business travel bouncing back quickly?
  • Will companies revise budgets downwards, and what impact will that have on corporate objectives?
  • Will companies segment travel i.e. business critical/non-critical?
  • Which segments will return first and which are likely to be replaced by technology?
  • Which comparable industries are recovering more quickly, and what lessons can we learn from them?

Register below to attend what is sure to be a lively and insightful session:


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