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01 August 2020

This message is a huge thank YOU to our brand partners, alternative accommodation providers and individual home-owners that stepped up and provided safe and secure accommodation solutions during this crisis.

Across the length and breadth of the UK, YOU answered our calls 24/7, you handled challenging CAPCare24 needs, you met challenging budgets, you gave credit, you kept your businesses open during difficult times and YOU helped to service the most incredible key workers that risked their lives to save ours.

Just 18 weeks ago, the world turned on a sixpence. Everyone and every business found themselves caught in the eye of a storm that would find some companies in a whirlwind of activity and others, sadly, making the most difficult decisions of their careers. There seemed to be no middle ground. We either worked 24/7 or came to a halt.

CAP Worldwide could not have serviced this project without you, we are proud and humbled to have worked so closely with you all during this ‘moment’ in time, and we hope to continue our partnerships as we journey together through this VUCA world.

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