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In 2020 ‘cleanliness’ and ‘space’ have become the critical success factors.

29 May 2020

Congratulations to Eloise Hanson of Serviced Apartment News for the insightful, thought provoking and interesting piece "Voyaging into unchartered territory - travel and hospitality post COVID-19",  on the future ‘voyage’ of our sector and the wider industry.

Amongst discussing the ‘distribution reset’, the focus on the ‘growth of healthy buildings’ and ‘humans’ being the ‘currency of luxury’, this piece intelligently debates ‘clean accreditation schemes’, picking up the absolute reality of needing to give ‘customer reassurance’ across the globe.

We all agree that HSSE and providing ‘safe and secure, clean and legal’ accommodation has always been the highest priority for the buyers, agents, providers and end users, however, until March 2020, these were not featured at the top of the agenda in company board and general team meetings. Safety through cleanliness is now the hottest topic.

The physical providers of accommodation (whether hotels, serviced apartments or alternative accommodation), of vehicles (in the wider term) or outlets (either food & beverage or retail) are being challenged on the management of their standard operating procedures. This has also joined the ‘ability to socially distance’ at the top of their priority lists.

SAFFAA will pick up these critical areas in our global forum to research, discuss and debate the current environment and future needs of our industry. This will be revisited, as planned, in July 2020 – looking at and assessing the global landscape and how we are all navigating this crisis.

There is not yet a ‘new normal’ – we are all evolving, many would agree that we are still handling and evaluating the risks and effects after the pandemic. Individuals, companies and associations are trying to understand how to pivot successfully to take their teams, their industries and businesses to next level. As we start to recover, we will create a ‘new normal’ and this will be when we learn to live and work successfully in a socially distanced world.

We all know that anything is possible, but we generally concentrate on the probable. I wrote a piece in the Autumn of 2017 ‘The Difference Between ‘The Probable’ and ‘The Possible’ and ‘Doing The Right Thing’ in a Socially Responsible World’ in International HR Advisor. In this publication I had reviewed the Oxford Leadership piece on VUCA and discovered that we had naturally followed the 4 key steps that Pablo Tovar’s advice on ‘developing our habits on learning to evolve and improve how we handle different levels of complexity’ This where we are today. Simply, we need to:

• Ask different types of questions
• Take on multiple perspectives
• Develop a systemic vision
Look at the whole picture, take a step back and see what is possible…

This is the agenda for the July SAFFAA meeting.

Well done Eloise.


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