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SAFFAA Forum launches in London

28 January 2020

Passionate and experienced professionals from across the global extended stay sector came together last week with recognised and respected assessors and accreditors to discuss, debate and understand the current coverage and future landscape of health, safety, security and environmental in our industry.

Thank you to all attendees for ensuring a positive, exciting and educational first meeting of SAFFAA moderated by David Clare and held at Q Apartments Head Office in London on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

Our goal was to understand the immediate services available to our industry, and to identify any potential delivery gaps in this critically important area of ensuring 'safe and happy travelers'.

Thank you to all for participating and for creating a very open, highly engaged and intelligent forum.

I’d like to personally thank all attendees for being at the table, and for contributing, (especially those who flew in)

I look forward to the next SAFFAA forum in 90 days!

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Deborah Heather, Andy Woodward MTMI, MIH, Nick HAWKINS, Brian Moore- GSA, Ben Davis, Stephen Martin - ISAAP, Jussi Saarinen, Mark Frary, Ken Moore, Lorna Keen, Krystal Taylor, Karen Mills, MJ Paschall, Keith Barron, Moreno Milenković, Clare Ace, Andrew Hopgood, David Clare

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